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In 2009 Second Half Strategies opened its doors with one simple goal: to meet the needs of families in their second half. We define the second half as the point when a family’s wealth creates financial complexity that didn’t previously exist. Together with this complexity, add less time and energy to properly target goals and manage financial affairs, and you have a recipe for poor decision-making and less than optimal outcomes. Unfortunately, this was painfully revealed for many families during the fallout of the Financial Crisis.

At that time, while many within the financial industry focused primarily on investment products, we added financial planning as a service and found that a written financial plan that drives financial decision making as well as investment strategies helped families avoid pitfalls, develop broader goals, and take meaningful steps toward achieving them.

In recent years, we observed another hurdle with traditional wealth management: Despite the complexity and evolving needs of their finances, we noticed that families were often working with multiple advisors who were providing advice only in their single area of specialty. Not only is self-managing multiple advisor relationships toward a common goal inefficient and time consuming, but the recommendations from these different advisors are often contradictory or competing, which can hinder sound decision-making.

Once again, we adapted to this shortcoming and evolved our process by developing Integrated Wealth Management, which has become the cornerstone of our practice and provides a way to help families interconnect their finances, avoid common mistakes, make sound decisions, and stay on track toward their goals.

Looking ahead, with more changes in our industry sure to come, our approach and ambition will remain the same: to continue to evolve and improve our process so that we can maintain our role as an advocate for the families we serve. Our hope is that every client who works with us finds their lives transformed at some point by the experience of working with us. It’s the reason we come to work every day.

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