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Our Approach

At Second Half Strategies, we hope to show you a new way to engage with your finances.

Traditional wealth management is typically offered by “big box” banks, insurance and investment companies. Although they might promise a goals-based approach, many companies really focus on delivering investment, insurance and banking products while offering only a cursory glance at their client’s broad financial plan.

Although financial products serve an important role, we believe that families can optimize their financial results by focusing on the thousands of financial decisions they make during their lifetimes. Our Integrated Wealth Management process supports this belief.

By working with us, we expect that you will be better able to:

  • Clarify goals and the actions needed to accomplish them
  • Increase the probability of achieving goals
  • Simplify complex problems
  • Reduce financial stress and uncertainty
  • Overcome inertia and procrastination
  • Receive resources to help make better decisions
  • Receive guidance to help stay on track

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Health + Wealth

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Risk Quantified

Discover your personal Risk Score and rethink how you view your investments.

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