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Our Beliefs

We believe that financial success starts with an intentionally crafted financial plan. Most people don’t plan to fail, but many people fail to plan. In the absence of planning, families often wind up with outcomes that are less than optimum. Research clearly shows a direct relationship between written plans and successful outcomes.

We believe that families should control what they can and understand what they cannot. Instead of focusing on things that are less probable, direct energy toward meaningful actions and reducing risk wherever possible.

We believe that families who are active participants in their financial affairs have a higher probability of achieving their goals than families who are not. Optimum financial results do not happen by chance, nor can they be achieved by financial professionals alone. A higher level of success occurs when families and their advisors work together as a team.

We believe that investments should be structured to provide a high probability of success relative to family goals. As such, all investment accounts should have a purpose. Families should only take as much risk as needed to achieve their goals. Investors should not be placed in a position of potentially avoidable catastrophic risk.

We believe that families should understand the risks to their financial success as well as the different ways to address and manage those risks. Insurance should be used to transfer catastrophic risk to an insurance company.

We believe that we are in the service business. Even though our day to day operations involve a high degree of technical skill, we endeavor to provide our clients with a personal level of service so that we have the opportunity to serve them for years. We pride ourselves on serving our clients with empathy, honesty, transparency, integrity and respect.