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Second Half Athlete

What is the 2H Athlete Mission?

At 2H Athlete, we're committed to Educating, Coaching, and Empowering current and former collegiate and professional athletes to maximize their wealth and achieve lifelong financial success and confidence through comprehensive financial planning. 

How Does 2H Athlete Work with Athletes?

  • We believe effective financial planning and wealth management is a lot like great coaching, which is why we will teach, guide, and push you to be your best financially, helping you execute where it matters most, while always putting your interests first.
  • We start with the unique needs and dynamics of you, your family, and your athletic career. From there, we identify strengths, as well as potential blind spots within your current financial situation, help you develop specific goals, and craft a tailored wealth management plan that can drive smarter financial decisions and better outcomes.
  • We will also help you identify the things you may not even know you’re missing in order to protect your wealth.

Why Choose 2H Athlete?

Victories do not come easy. Coaches and players know that games are won or lost in the second half, usually in the closing minutes, where a few key plays can make all the difference. The same can be especially true when it comes to our financial lives. For this reason, we developed our signature wealth management process. 

As a high-performing athlete, the financial decisions you make or don’t make today can have a lasting impact well beyond your playing days. Having a trusted wealth coach, who can help you navigate transitions and make adjustments both during and after your career, is extremely valuable.

Not all advice is created equally. Getting an opinion or even detailed information is very different than being thoughtfully guided by someone who has the necessary experience and expertise to help you shape a successful financial plan.

We believe high performing athletes deserve an elite wealth coach, which is why we created Second Half Athlete Advisors.

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