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Technology and innovation have transformed nearly every industry. Surprisingly, many financial services companies continue to rely on old business models, old service offerings and old technology.

At Second Half Strategies, we have demystified the industry’s biggest shortcomings and created a transformative wealth management experience that is efficient, productive and responsive to your priorities.

Here are a few of those industry shortcomings and a preview of what you can expect when working with us.

Many successful families have multiple advisors working in different areas of their financial life: tax, insurance, investments, retirement, estate planning, etc. Unfortunately, these siloed services can often lead to inefficiencies with little or no collaboration between specialists to allow for a truly comprehensive plan.

We’ve reimagined the entire wealth management process by creating Integrated Wealth Management, our process that helps you balance and connect all of the areas of your personal financial life. Our goal is a more effective plan that takes less time and energy for you to manage.

With many financial advisors working for big banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies, the goals of the company or advisor can supersede the individual goals of the client.

Without the pressure from a top-down corporate agenda, our process revolves around your family and what you want to accomplish. We put your needs at the center, not selling proprietary products or meeting quotas.

Each family has a unique set of challenges and opportunities to plan for in pursuing their financial goals, and these become even more complex as their wealth grows. In response to this complexity, many advisors in the financial industry offer simple, pre-packaged services or the latest and greatest products. Does your advisor already have a solution to your problem before you even meet?

We believe that wealth and financial complexity require creativity and a higher standard of care, which is why our process is designed to create tailored solutions that are unique to each and every family we serve. We help you understand your options and the nuances of your financial situation before we make any recommendations.

<b>Integrated Wealth Management</b>

Integrated Wealth Management

Imagine having a financial advocate who has the resources, expertise, and capabilities to bring everything together for your benefit.

<b>Putting Clients at the Center</b>

Putting Clients at the Center

Imagine if your goals were actually more important than the goals of the advisor or the firm they work with.

<b>Specializing in&#160; &#160;Complexity</b>

Specializing in   Complexity

Imagine wealth management and financial advice that goes beyond a simple product or service.

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