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  • Our name reflects our focus. We believe that decisions made in your Second Half often have a greater impact than decisions made earlier in life. Your Second Half is not necessarily defined by age, but is defined by financial state. It is a point in time when increases in your wealth create a level of financial complexity that require a higher standard of care.

  • Our clients hire us because they want help taking their financial lives to a higher level. They understand that progress toward their family’s goals begins with financial planning. Our clients value working with a firm who knows their family, their values and their entire financial situation. Our clients work well with structure. Finally, they want to be financially organized, to know that they have covered their bases.

  • Before we meet in person, we typically have an introductory phone call. The goal for our first in-person meeting is for both of us to determine if it makes sense to work together. Are we a good fit for each other? We will ask you what you are looking for in a Wealth Manager, about your expectations, and high level questions about your goals and financial situation. Please come to the meeting with all of the questions you need answered for you to be able to decide if you'd like to hire us.

  • We have different programs depending on your financial complexity and the dollar amount of investments that you would like us to manage. When we meet, we will help you decide which standard of care best fits your family. Our goal is to provide Integrated Wealth Management to most families for a price that is very close to what they would pay for investment management alone at one of the “big box” companies.

    No, you do not need to live in Charlotte to work with us. We have many clients who live in other cities around the United States. As long as we are licensed in your state, we are comfortable working with you remotely using technology and virtual meetings.

  • Although not required, most of our clients ask us to manage some or all of their investments. Through our Integrated Wealth Management process, we will help you develop and implement an investment strategy that is aligned with your family’s goals, investment preferences and comfort with risk. As your goals and needs change, we will guide you toward appropriate changes in your investment strategy.

  • Imagine a single grain silo all by itself in the middle of farm country. Many people employed in the financial services industry are like this, working in a specific area of expertise such as tax, investments, annuities, insurance, estate planning, retirement plans, employee benefits, etc. We call this a silo approach because they often don’t collaborate with or share information with other advisors. We believe this approach is not optimal. We will act as your advocate, helping to coordinate the many different areas of your financial life.

  • Although we have no hard and fast minimums, we have found that our specialized care fits best with individuals and families that have a degree of wealth and financial complexity that warrant the time and cost necessary to meet their needs. After an initial conversation, we can match individuals and families with the standard of care that’s right for them.

  • Protecting your assets and personal information is a top priority of our firm. Working with LPL Financial, a national broker dealer, allows us to ensure that your assets are closely monitored and secure. LPL Financial is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). In addition, your personal information is protected with the latest in cyber security technology.

  • We believe that the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional (CFP®) designation is the most appropriate professional designation a Wealth Manager can have. Prior to sitting for the CFP® examination, candidates must have completed educational and experience requirements and have passed a background check. Further, a CFP® is required to abide by a strict code of professional conduct and complete regular continuing education requirements. More information may be found at

  • LPL Financial provides us with proprietary technology, compliance services, and independent investment research. When we manage assets on behalf of our clients, LPL Financial is the custodian. They provide our clients with an online portal, statements, performance and tax reporting. More information may be found at

  • Independent Advisor Alliance, LLC (IAA) is an SEC-registered investment adviser. IAA is made up of many independent LPL financial advisors from all over the United States. All investment advice that we provide is provided through Independent Advisor Alliance, LLC.

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