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Exceeding Your Expectations

Second Half Strategies is changing the direction of wealth management by shifting the focus and reversing the traditional flow of ideas. Rather than putting products first and thinking about how we can achieve corporate goals, we explore what you will need to achieve better outcomes and realize the future you envision for your family. We believe our process sets us apart, and by following our approach, we can offer you a fulfilling experience that helps you to feel confident in your financial future.

Integrated Approach

Our innovative process addresses a broad scope of financial areas – investments, retirement planning, tax planning, estate strategies, charitable giving, insurance, and more. Unlike advisors who specialize in single areas of expertise, we function as a central hub, helping to coordinate the many facets of your financial life. This also ensures that your planning is more effective and efficient.

Personal Focus

Strong client relationships are the foundation of everything we do. We collaborate with you to craft a personal, highly customized strategy for long-term financial independence based on an in-depth understanding of your family. We genuinely care about your finances, and we wouldn’t give you advice that we wouldn’t follow ourselves.

Simplifying the Complex

As wealth increases, so does financial complexity. Unfortunately, so do the many demands on your time. Navigating all of this can be daunting and stressful. Our approach helps you identify and untangle financial complexities as we seek to bring clarity and confidence to an uncertain future.


Part of our promise is to be a resource for thoughtful, professional advice throughout your journey, because planning for the future is an ongoing, participative process. We are here when you need us – and when you might not know you need us. By being proactive, we can guide you through knowing how and when to make better financial decisions.

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